The INCompliance attorneys and consultants have provided consulting and compliance services to health care facilities, insurance companies and other non-profit and for-profit businesses across the nation. Some of our work in these areas include:

  • Developing and advising on the implementation of programs for audit committees to comply with their obligations under the engagement letter with the outside auditor and under applicable laws, including Sarbanes-Oxley governing public companies and audit rules of insurance and other regulators.
  • Designing and advising on the implementation of processes for the compensation committees of tax-exempt organizations to comply with the requirements for the rebuttable presumption from Intermediate Sanctions under federal tax laws.
  • Serving as board secretary to boards of directors, including drafting minutes and retaining pertaining to proceedings of the board and its committees, and as corporate secretary to organizations helping to maintain their required corporate documents.
  • Designing and conducting programs for boards of directors and management for both continuing education as to their roles, duties and functions as well as special education as to specific best practices or satisfying specific legal obligations.
  • Evaluating the current expertise and experience of boards and management, identifying missing gaps in such expertise and experience, and helping to search for, recruit and screen candidates for the board or management or an advisory board to satisfy those gaps.
  • Evaluating recently completed transactions, such as a merger or acquisition, that are likely to be repeated and to assist the board and management to evaluate what went well and what could be improved.
  • Developing compliance programs for over 30 hospitals and long-term care facilities and providing follow-up training, auditing and general oversight.
  • Assisting over 200 hospitals, physician offices, insurance companies and self-insured businesses and long-term care facilities with development of their HIPAA privacy and security policies and procedures and providing training and ongoing monitoring.
  • Conducting HIPAA compliance audits for numerous health plans and health care systems. Our audit experience includes complete reviews of written policies and procedures, comparison of HIPAA policies and procedures with operational policies and procedures to identify inconsistencies, testing whether the workforce understands and follows the policies and procedures, audits of business associate relationships and documentation, and focused audits in response to identified compliance issues.
  • Conducting breach investigations for health plans and health care systems, and assisting with the development of mitigation programs.
  • Conducting both general and targeted live customized HIPAA training for over 300 health plans, health care systems, physician groups and other health care providers and business associates.