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INCompliance consultants have experience with your industry and with issues that are critical to your organization's success. Most of our consultants are attorneys who combine their legal training with an understanding of your business to provide practical advice for and solutions to your compliance issues. From governance to HIPAA, our highly regarded consultants are prepared to be your trusted advisors on any compliance issue.


Laura G. Anthony

Phone: 614.227.2366

Laura has twenty years of experience in handling civil rights cases for education institutions. She frequently trains educators on student conduct issues, trauma-informed practices, investigation techniques and procedures for handling discrimination claims and she regularly presents to state and national audiences on education and disability law. Laura has extensive experience as an investigator and an adjudicator in student conduct matters and regularly defends educational institutions in complaint investigations at the federal and state level. In addition, Laura conducts discrimination and harassment investigations and provides audits of special education and student conduct procedures.


Catherine Ballard

Phone: 614.227.8806

Catherine Ballard has over 30 years of experience as an attorney in the health care industry. She focuses on the areas of hospital/medical staff integration, medical staff and hospital-employed physician integration, the development of peer review programs in both the hospital and employment setting, quality assessment and performance improvement activities, and related peer review matters. She develops medical staff/advanced practice provider governing documents, and she provides advice on Medicare conditions of participation and private accreditation, provider scope of practice and general patient care. She also provides mediation and fair hearing officer services. Catherine is a regular speaker at national forums where she speaks on a variety of health care issues such as health care quality management, credentialing and peer review, medical staff governance, fair hearings, ethics and related patient care issues.


Chris Bennington
Phone: 513.870.6572

Chris Bennington is an attorney with over eight years of experience working with health care systems and health plans. He has served as general counsel to a children's hospital and provided in house legal services to a major Medicaid managed care health plan. In addition to assisting hospitals and health plans to address a wide array of HIPAA compliance issues, Chris provides on-site HIPAA training to hospital and health plan staff, conducts investigations of potential breaches of PHI, and performs general and focused HIPAA compliance audits. He is a frequent speaker on HIPAA, the HITECH Act, and the regulations implementing both laws.


Melissa Martinez Bondy
Phone: 614.227.8875

Melissa frequently interfaces with the Office for Civil Rights during investigations related to Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI. She regularly trains administrators on Title IX issues, including but not limited to accommodating transgender students, equity in athletics, sex discrimination/harassment and sexual misconduct investigations. She has conducted several investigations and has extensive experience defending educational entities against harassment and discrimination claims raised under federal civil rights laws. Melissa is also well-versed in special education procedures for K-12 schools and trains regularly on disability-related issues.


Melissa M. Carleton
Melissa Carleton
Phone: 614.227.4846

Melissa regularly works with institutions of higher education on civil rights and Clery Act compliance and conducts frequent training workshops for investigators, adjudicators and other administrators involved in the conduct process. She also works with public schools districts on managing safety issues during civil rights investigations. She has particular experience with Title IX and Section 504 investigations, special education requirements and employment investigations.


Shannon K. DeBra
Shannon DeBra
Phone: 513.870.6685

Shannon DeBra's practice emphasizes health care regulatory and fraud and abuse matters. She works with health care providers to conduct compliance audits and internal investigations and to put together voluntary disclosures when potential violations of law are discovered. She assists in implementing Corporate Integrity Agreements, creates new compliance policies and procedures, and reviews compliance procedures for consistency with OIG provider compliance guidance and Corporate Integrity Agreement requirements. She has defended health care providers in sealed Qui Tam cases, including development of defense strategy and lead in settlement discussions with the U.S. Department of Justice. She has served as the chief compliance officer for UC Health in Cincinnati. In addition, she served as senior counsel in the Office of Counsel to the Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C., where she negotiated corporate integrity agreements on behalf of the OIG and monitored provider compliance with the terms of their corporate integrity agreements.


Nicole M. Donovsky
Phone: 614.227.4866

Nicole has investigated civil rights cases involving complainants of all ages, from elementary school students to adult employees. She trains administrators on compliance with Title IX/VAWA and Clery compliance and has specific experience with regard to adult education programs receiving Title IV Higher Education Act funding. In addition, Nicole has investigated and litigated claims alleging race, gender, religious and disability discrimination.


James F. Flynn
Phone: 614.227.8855

A frequent speaker and author on health care compliance issues, Jim Flynn is an attorney with nearly 25 years of experience counseling hospitals, health care systems, and long-term care providers on all aspects of their operations. As a result, he has a broad understanding of the issues critical to health care organizations in today's rapidly changing world, and understands the importance of governance training. Jim has assisted health care organizations in understanding the plethora of federal and state regulations, including Medicare/ Medicaid reimbursement regulations, and has assisted with the negotiation and implementation of numerous mergers and acquisitions. As a result, he is well positioned to assist organizations in addressing governance issues, including the interface between governance and regulatory compliance.


Dane A. Gaschen
Phone: 614.227.8887

Dane was a former Delaware County Prosecutor with responsibility for trying special victims' cases including sexual assaults. For the past thirteen years, he has worked with educational entities conducting investigations and overseeing compliance with federal and state civil rights laws. Dane has specific experience working with law enforcement when there are concurrent criminal investigations, as well as handling employment and labor issues that may arise during an investigation.


Michael K. Gire
Michael Gire
Phone: 614.227.2318

With more than 30 years of experience advising health care systems in all aspects of their operations, Mike Gire is an attorney who understands the critical role governance plays in health care organizations. He has counseled and trained boards, board committees, and executives at hundreds of hospitals and health care systems on their duties and responsibilities, and provided direction and oversight in matters critical to the success of their organizations. He has assisted health care organizations with the negotiation and implementation of mergers and acquisitions, and the subsequent integration of their governance structures. Mike has also trained and counseled boards on their obligations under corporate integrity agreements, and has developed and conducts a Stark Boot Camp for health care system executives. In 2010, he was named Columbus Lawyer of the Year in Health Care by Best Lawyers in America. Mike is a frequent speaker on corporate governance and health care compliance topics.


Katherine Spies Giumenti

Katherine Giumenti
Phone: 614.227.8825

Katie Giumenti practices labor and employment law with an emphasis on defending employers in litigation and administrative charges involving such issues as discrimination, harassment, retaliation, employment at-will, non-compete agreements, employee benefits, employment contracts, and defamation. Katie counsels employers on compliance with federal and state labor and employment laws, including the ADA, ADEA, FMLA and FLSA, and on workplace practices and procedures, including harassment, terminations, drug and alcohol testing, and employee handbooks and policies.


Allen R. Killworth
Allen Killworth
Phone: 614.227.2334

Allen Killworth is an attorney with over 15 years of experience assisting hospitals and health systems on compliance issues, including HIPAA. Allen previously served as in-house counsel for a large, fully-integrated health system. Allen provides a wide range of HIPAA privacy and security compliance consulting services, including full and focused audits, breach investigations, assistance with OCR compliance investigations, policy drafting and implementation, and workforce training. Allen is a frequent speaker and author on HIPAA compliance issues. Allen also participated in the development of an online HIPAA self-assessment compliance program, which is offered through INCompliance and its affiliated consulting company, Quality Management Consulting Group (QMCG).


Jennifer Nelson Carney
Jennifer Nelson Carney
Phone: 614.227.4870

Jenny Nelson Carney is an attorney with nearly 10 years of experience working with health care systems. Jenny has worked with hospital administrators, physicians, medical staff committees, and other providers to help facilitate the daily operations of their organizations. She is a frequent speaker and author on health care compliance issues.


Beverly A. Meyer
Phone: 937.224.1849

Beverly has been defending educational institutions in civil rights matters for many years. Prior to her current career, she spent time representing individuals against those institutions, giving her a unique perspective in risk management and compliance issues. She has extensive investigative experience and has undergone specialized training in Title IX investigations and trauma-informed practices.


Joshua D. Nolan
Josh Nolan
Phone: 216.523.5485

With almost twenty years of experience working as a college administrator and as legal counsel representing higher education institutions, Josh is an experienced civil rights investigator who focuses on Title IX and sexual misconduct investigations. He trains campus constituents on conducting student conduct hearings, complying with Title IX, and adhering to VAWA and Clery Act requirements. Josh is a member of the National Association of Colleges and University Attorneys and served on the editorial board of the Journal of College and University Law.


Susan L. Oppenheimer
Phone: 614.227.8822

Susan has spent twenty years representing educational institutions and other public sector entities on a range of civil rights matters, including race, national origin, sex, religion, and disability cases. She has conducted, overseen and prepared reports on harassment and discrimination investigations, as well as other types of misconduct investigations. She is familiar with both employment and student issues in the context of educational institutions and has undergone trauma-informed investigative training specific to Title IX requirements.


James G. Petrie
Jim Petrie
Phone: 614.227.2373

Jim an attorney with extensive experience in advising clients on a variety of employment-related issues. Jim drafts employment agreements, separation agreements, independent contractor agreements, non-compete agreements, affirmative action plans, employee handbooks, and policies and procedures, and advises employers on numerous employment-related state and federal laws. Jim helps businesses, not-for-profits and health care organizations to extend their human resources capabilities and effectiveness with customized consulting options including compliance audits, staff or management training, and investigations.


S. Courter Shimeall
Phone: 614.227.7723

Courter has significant experience with civil rights cases regarding race, sex, disability and religion. He has attended multiple Title IX investigator training sessions and regularly assists educational institutions in matters of Title IX compliance. He also assists with both administrator and student Title IX training.


Karen D. Smith
Karen Smith
Phone: 614.227.2313

Karen Smith is an attorney and a registered nurse with over 30 years of health care experience. She worked in an acute care hospital setting for 14 years, providing direct nursing care and serving in various nursing management positions. She also served as the administrator of a large multi-specialty group practice, and has provided in house general counsel services to a regional hospital system. She has extensive experience counseling clients in virtually all aspects of HIPAA, including the development of HIPAA compliance programs, staff education and training, breach investigations, Office of Civil Rights investigations, remedial training in response to identified problems, and HIPAA compliance audits. She also participated in the development of an online HIPAA self-assessment compliance program, which is offered through INCompliance and its affiliated consulting company, Quality Management Consulting Group (QMCG).


David Spialter
David Spialter
Phone: 614.227.2342

Dave Spialter is an attorney with over 30 years of experience working with corporations, their boards and executives, with a focus on health care systems. David has assisted corporations with the negotiation of mergers, acquisitions and hospital physician joint ventures, sophisticated corporate restructurings, the formation of holding company systems, and the subsequent development, restructuring or integration of the governance system for the new organization. David also has extensive experience with corporate finance, and has advised corporations on the structuring of financing alternatives, including bond financing, public and private securities offerings, and other commercial credit facilities. David served as an adjunct faculty member for an MBA program where he taught corporate ethics.


Elisabeth A. Squeglia
Bette Squeglia
Phone: 614.227.2396

Bette Squeglia is an attorney with over 30 years of experience in the health care and insurance industries, and has also served as regional general counsel to a national managed care plan and integrated delivery system. She is the co-author of an online HIPAA self-assessment program, which is offered through INCompliance and its affiliated consulting company, QMCG, and which is used by hundreds of health care systems and insurers to develop and maintain their HIPAA compliance programs. She has consulted with health care systems, health plans, self-insured employers, and business associates on virtually all aspects of HIPAA privacy. She has extensive experience in the development of compliance programs, staff education and training, breach investigations, and compliance audits.


Betsy A. Swift
Betsy Swift
Phone: 614.227.8850

Betsy Swift has extensive experience in advising and counseling employers on legal issues ranging from equal employment opportunity and wrongful discharge to corporate reorganization and union organizational campaigns. Betsy's work also includes drafting employment policies, handbooks, employment agreements, non-compete agreements and other employment-related documents. A former teacher, Betsy has extensive experience as a speaker and trainer providing employment-related educational and training programs for management and trade associations.