INCompliance Employee Benefits Services

The Affordable Care Act has created a changing landscape for employers, especially when it comes to welfare benefits plans. With the myriad of new legal requirements that are imposed on these plans today, it is important to assure your welfare benefit plans are INCompliance.  Now more than ever, a comprehensive and rigorous compliance program for your welfare benefit plans is critical.

Early identification of compliance issues can help you manage your risk, and save you money.  In 2010, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) passed regulations that made the employer responsible for self-reporting certain violations of federal law in a timely manner, and waived or reduced certain penalties for self-reported violations.  

For example, failure to send COBRA notices to employees can result in an excise tax of $100/day/person, which can add up -- especially for larger employers.  Identification of this issue and self-reporting can help avoid the penalty.

Our Employee Benefits Audits Include:

  • An audit of a specific plan or all of your welfare benefit plans 
  • A comprehensive audit report where compliance issues are identified and detailed
  • A practical, customized corrective action plan that addresses all identified compliance issues 

Attorney Consultants
Services are provided by our consultants, who are all attorneys.  Our training includes real world examples and practical tips on how to approach the day-to-day issues you face in the employee benefits arena.  Our consultants are: