HIPAA Consulting Services

Audits. Investigations. Action.

INCompliance HIPAA consultants combine legal training with practical experience in the health care and health insurance industries. Most have a decade or more of experience with HIPAA privacy and security requirements. This combination of experience and knowledge uniquely qualifies INCompliance HIPAA consultants to provide substantive and practical advice to help health care organizations, health plans, and business associates remain compliant in a rapidly changing world.

Staying Ahead of Change

The health care and health insurance marketplaces are undergoing rapid and radical changes. As a result, many HIPAA compliance programs adopted when the regulations were initially effective in 2003 are no longer sufficient to assure compliance in today's changing environment.

Technology: Electronic health records, remote access to computer systems, the widespread use of laptop computers and mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, and other technological advances can facilitate care coordination and improve patient care, but they also create new challenges to patient privacy and security.

Organizational growth: Insurance and health care industry consolidation, acquisitions, mergers, expansions, the integration of health care delivery systems, and the development of ACOs can leave you with inconsistencies and gaps in your HIPAA compliance program.

Regulatory changes: Changes enacted as part of the HITECH Act that increased enforcement by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and state attorneys general, as well as the prospect of government audits, are making a strong, effective and up-to-date HIPAA compliance program essential to avoid violations and monetary penalties.

INCompliance goes beyond compliance: Our experts can help you make sure your HIPAA compliance program is up to date and cutting edge, so that you are prepared for any challenge.

Our experienced HIPAA consultants provide services to health care systems, health plans, and business associates. INCompliance HIPAA services include:

  • Privacy Audits
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Breach Investigations
  • Remediation Program Development
  • Staff Training Programs
  • Consulting to assist you in identifying and addressing specific issues

For more information contact Elisabeth Squeglia by phone at (614) 227-2396 or by e-mail at esqueglia@incomplianceconsulting.com; Chris Bennington by phone at (513) 870-6572 or cbennington@incomplianceconsulting.com or any of our other consultants.