INCompliance Human Resources Consulting

INCompliance's human resources consulting services are designed to help businesses, not-for-profit organizations and health care organizations extend their human resources capabilities and effectiveness.  We offer a variety of human resources consulting options designed to meet your needs, including:

  • Compliance Audits - offered in a standard format as well as a customized option, our audits help you evaluate the effectiveness of your human resources policies and procedures;
  • Training - offered in a variety of lengths as well as topics, these sessions are customized and interactive; and
  • Investigations - when an incident arises and an independent investigation is required, our attorney consultants bring credibility and impartiality to the investigation.

Attorney Consultants
Services are provided by our consultants, who are all attorneys. Our training includes real world examples and practical tips on how to approach the day-to-day issues you face in the human resources arena.  Our consultants are: